Cloud on the rise

Most companies are now working to identify areas within their IT operations that are candidates for cloud hosting, according to a new survey of 1,358 CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World customers.

The survey demonstrates that while non-IT business leaders still categorise security as a concern, IT and security executives themselves are likely to envision an extensive use of the cloud for future use.

IDG Enterprise, who conducted the survey, note an increase in the number of respondents claiming that they will move the majority of their IT operations to the cloud within the next five years. Financial services and high tech companies in particular are likely to dedicate the largest cloud budgets.

Respondents cite lowering TCO, faster deployment and saving on capital expenses as amongst their top three reasons for moving to the cloud – with half of IT decision makers considering cloud technologies to be a ‘critical game changer’ for their companies.

The majority are now beginning to see the positive effects of this emerging technology  – pinpointing the potential for increasing IT innovation, greater access to critical business data, as well as improved employee collaboration and IT agility.

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