Some questions about Nuage… answered!

Q: What is Cloud Computing and how can it help my business?

A. Want to work from home? Save costs on energy bills? Cloud Computing can help you. It’s a flexible, secure and scalable solution for backing up data, sharing information and giving you access to your desktop experience from any device from any part of the world. Our managed solutions serve as your entire IT infrastructure and support. Pay for what you need, as you need it – our virtual servers handle the workload, while you benefit from the speed and ease of access offered by connection to enterprise class equipment at an unbeatable price, whether your business is large or small.

Q Sounds expensive, is it?

A. We’re always working on lowering our own overheads, so that we can pass on the savings to you. We believe that we offer an unbeatable price for cutting edge technology and a Silver Line Service. Typical monthly contracts of £500.00 for up to 10 employees, that’s usually 1-2 servers. This include all relevant licenses. You can learn how we can help you save money on Microsoft Licensing through SPLA here.


Q But how long does it all take to implement? My company is new and I cannot afford any downtime.

A. This can be done overnight or in the case of night-work – in the day! Usually full migration takes up to 5 hours. If your company uses specifically designed software it can take longer.


Q If it relies on the Internet – what if my Internet goes down?

A. With our managed cloud solutions, we become your 24/7 IT support, so we will endeavour to do everything we can to get you back on line as soon as possible. If the problem lies with your ISP and your work is mission critical, we suggest looking at one of our leased line solutions.

We partner with one of the most resilient leased line providers in the UK. Our partner operates independently of BT to provide a business grade solution that links wireless technology with a high-capacity fibre optic core network, ensuring connectivity and guaranteeing 99.95% uptime and a 4 hour commitment to fix as part of their Service Level Agreement.


Q Our Internet connection isn’t that fast or reliable – how will it cope connecting to The Cloud?

A. The minimum requirement to get the best out of our Cloud solution is an Internet connection of at least 2MB. Your existing computers or devices become ‘viewers’ that connect to our superfast 100MB fibre optic line.


Q What support do you offer?

A. We’re available 24/7 to offer support via both phone and email all backed up by our Silver Line Service guarantee!


Q Why would my business need to change to Microsoft Exchange?

A. The entire conversation of a particular email can be picked up on your phone, laptop or computer, without missing out any part of it. All replies and forwards are replicated on all of your devices in real time so you’re up to date with the conversation, saving you time and making you more efficient.


Q But I’m using Outlook now  and its working fine – why would I change?

Microsoft Exchange is the same application as Outlook, benefiting from the same look and feel, but is delivered a different way that enables you to sync your all of emails at work to your phone, tablet, laptop or any other device anywhere in the world without any loss in the conversation.


Q Where is your name from?

A. Nuage means Cloud in French. Pronounced “new_arr_ch”

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