Dedicated, Leased Lines from Nuage Technology

If access to our cloud solution is mission critical, and your existing ISP is not providing you with the speed or quality of service that you need to drive your business forward – we offer leased lines that employ fibre and wireless technology at a price aimed to beat any genuine fibre quote.

We are partnered with the only UK business-class ISP independent of BT, in order to bring you industry best times for deployment of leased lines to locations inaccessible by traditional fibre. We can provide leased lines and/or point-to-point connectivity from 1Mbps and 1Gbps, installed within an average of 10 days.

Our leased lines mean:

  • Zero contention (no sharing of bandwidth with other users).
  • Quality of Service enhancements (configurable to your business goals, ensuring that critical applications run seamlessly, even during peak times).
  • Fully symmetrical circuits. This means that you’ll benefit from the same speeds whether you’re uploading or downloading.
  • Scalability.

At Nuage, we’re big on scalability – we believe that your IT infrastructure should be able to grow seamlessly, painlessly, and affordably with your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with a leased line provider who can help you to upgrade to a higher bandwidth remotely in minutes (compare this with BT who will charge several thousand pounds and quote a wait time of 30 to 180 days for upgrade from a 2 mbps leased line to a 10 mbps LES circuit). Occasionally in this case, our partner may need to install a more powerful radio. This can be done within days, at your convenience and without charge to you.

Our networks are amongst the most powerful and resilient in the UK – employing fibre and wireless technology to provide you with a secure (secured with proprietary frequency hopping algorithms) and reliable (99.95% network uptime guaranteed) solution. Our partner also guarantees a 4-hour commitment to fix.


Leased lines are also available exclusive of our cloud solutions, so contact us for a quote today.