Nuage Security

Security of your data is our biggest priority.

Data is stored securely at our Manchester Datacentre under a 256bit encryption VPN tunnel, with 100% power uptime. We use multiple hard drives to store the data protecting from any failures and reducing the possibly of losing data to nil. This incredibly secure network can allow staff to work from home or different locations if desired. Folders and files can be set to various management levels, giving access only to people who need it. As well as restricting internet use if required. The data centre itself boasts 24/7 on site security staff CCTV cameras (both internal and external), motion detection and a key fob access system.
Our 3 point back-up system also includes the use of an additional datacentre in North Wales.

Key features to our security

  • Back up to multiple sites
  • On site manned security
  • Active response
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Compliant with current Data Protection laws