Nuage Technology Case Study Halen Mon


The Anglesey Sea Salt/Halen Mon is a harvester of Pure Sea Salt crystals that are distributed throughout the world to food manufacturers, top chefs, supermarkets, and direct to the consumer. Established 16 years ago it is rapidly expanding in the premium food market by providing an excellent product as well as providence, traceability and sustainability. The speed and consistency of our IT is  paramount to the success of our business both immediately and on a long term basis to enable us to meet the needs of all our customers as well as our own processes and communications.

To provide an IT solution, off-site and that is supported and managed effectively. To meet the need for growth in IT needs but without the need to invest in costly hardware. A secure system allowing immediate access and with ease of use was essential for our IT system.


  • Continuity of service from our remote location.
  • Security of Data
  • Fully managed service

Nuage Technology created a Virtual Private Cloud for the business utilising our excellent internet access that met the needs of the brief. By providing an off-site server that is secure and backed up daily it allows for our growth and needs for an excellent interface with our customers.


  • Continuity of our present systems that have migrated to the Cloud.
  • Minimal IT equipment now on site together with the peace of mind of full Management of the Cloud system
  • Ability to work from home/office or off-site.
  • Flexibility for expansion when we move into new premises.
  • IT support working with us to improve our systems. Particularly by considerering new systems to improve our communication and knowledge internally and externally.
  • Secure and backed up data.
  • Hardware is no longer our problem both in cost of purchase and maintenance thereof.
  • Cost efficiencies.


“Trust in IT to work 100% when needed with the knowledge of security, continuity and efficiency means that the management of Anglesey Sea Salt are not distracted from their primary aims in running the business. We now know IT is covered so we can forget it: leave it to the experts! Well done Nuage!”