Aegis Law is a busy Personal Injury & Family Law specialist based on the Wirral. The need for a quick response from their IT infrastructure is paramount to the business. Aegis felt they had outgrown their previous system as it was not delivering the results needed to keep up with the changing needs of the company.


To provide a stress free IT solution that was supported and managed effectively. Ease of use, secured data that was backed up daily and with the flexibility that allowed growth for future.


  • Secured data
  • Managed service
  • Ability to work from anywhere


Nuage Technology created a Virtual Private Cloud for the business. Migrating data from a physical server to the Cloud. The Cloud is backed up not only to the data centre but again to another data centre in a different location to ensure total security and no loss in downtime.


  • Ability to work from home/away from office
  • Full Management of Virtual Private Cloud is covered
  • Improved efficiency due to ability to use mobile devices outside the office to connect to important files
  • Flexibility to expand into new premises without the capital expense of setting up a separate physical network for a each new office.
  • Friendly “always on” Support
  • Complete peace of mind that data is completely secure and backed up
  • Cost saving is long term, no need to invest in additional hardware and its upkeep.
  • Spend on the  Nuage Cloud service is the same as the previous spend on leasing just the hardware.


Our technology infrastructure has become a lot more stable, things don’t break down as much, and we’re not vulnerable to stuff going obsolete. Also being able to work from home helps a great deal. Plus it doesn’t matter if the place burns down because everything’s backed up to the max now! Couldn’t be more delighted and – Graham, you’re a legend Gina Simpson – Aegis Law


If you would like to take advantage of the same types of benefits as Aegis Law contact to arrange a one to one meet.