Environmental & Ethical Policy

Recycle Cloud

We are an ethically minded company passionate about continually improving its environmental performance through our policy and regularly examining where improvements can be made.

As leaders of efficiency, things just work better when they’re done right – helps save money too!

Use of Environmentally friendly datacentres

  • Using datacentres that buy renewable energy for our managed hosting datacentre
  • Using datacentres that install cold aisle containment and blanking plates to contain cold air in cold
    aisles, and to prevent mixing with the hot air expelled from the rear of server
    cabinets. This has effected an approximately 25% reduction in like-for-like cooling
    requirement for the facilities.
  • The use of highly efficient UPS systems which achieve approximately 95%
    efficiency, about 10% more efficient when compared with “traditional” UPS types.
  • We buy the latest energy efficient servers, which use up to 50% less power than the previous models which they replace.  We have an active program of phasing out higher-powered older generation servers from our datacentres.
  • A programme of continual design improvement feedback to datacentre layout and
    choice of air-conditioning equipment.

Energy Savers & Recycling

We ensure the efficient use of resources by;

  • Turning off all non-essential desktop machines and monitors at the end of every
  • Switching off all lights over night.
  • Recycling / re-using scrap paper
  • Buying recycled, eco-friendly or refurbished office materials where possible


We believe technology can exist as part of a healthy balance between us and the natural world in which we live.