cloud email serverDon’t miss out on your part of the conversation.

Microsoft Exchange is an excellent tool to manage emails, calendar, tasks and contacts.

An Exchange account provided by Nuage syncs instantly with all your devices, giving you continuity, flow and greater efficiency at work.

An ideal solution for task management too, as it has ability to share tasks to colleagues, prioritise jobs and keep on top of those lists!! The shared calendar tool is the best there is, enabling users to share or view calendars sending them to colleagues, customers and family with the added feature of different level privacy settings.

Also you will never lose any of this information if your laptop or smart phone is lost, stolen or damaged, as the data is stored on a server. You simply log back into your account to instantly synchronise with all your data.

Benefits to your company:

  • Share calendars
  • Email sync with your smart phone, work computer, laptop
  • Instant push notifications on your smart phone
  • Improved efficiency
  • Added security

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