Microsoft to Audit 30,000 Companies in 2013. Are you in compliance?

Microsoft is stepping up their licensing audits in 2013 – with 30,000 planned for small to mid-sized businesses. The intricacies of Microsoft’s software licensing schemes mean that ensuring compliance is not always a straightforward affair.

The two major types of audit are the SAM engagement and the Legal Contracts and Compliance Audit (LLC). The former is a voluntary scheme that seeks to ensure that companies are not under or over licensed. A certified partner will work with a business to ensure compliance. It is not uncommon for companies to be found owing considerable true-up fees when over-installed. Even if software is unused, license keys must still be in place, and navigating the complexities of per processor licenses and SQL CALs can be daunting.

A more serious audit, the LLC, takes place when Microsoft believe that a serious licensing infraction has occurred. This type of audit may be called when a company repeatedly refuses a voluntary audit. Additional licensing fees (sometimes at retail cost), as well as fines, penalties or even criminal prosecution may result in the most extreme cases of non-compliance.
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