Cloud Computing Risks

We are always getting excited about the business benefits for our clients and potential customers… but what are the potential risks?

Cloud Computing Risks and How Nuage Help Its Customers Protect Against Them

Risk 1.  Loss of service if your Cloud provider has downtime or goes out of business.

We have a proven track record with our Data Centre of an uptime of 99.9% Also our business history is solid and transparent. We are a relatively young company but with a proven track record and over 30 years of combined experience in technology, networking, customer support, advice and Cloud computing.

Risk 2. Industry specific regulations (i.e Legal sector have more guidelines to adhere to.)

We love to get to know our customers, their business and more widely their industry in order to keep offering tip-top advice on technology that can help reduce cost and improve efficiency. Industries that require specific regulations such as in the legal sector will note that our contract covers this and makes allowances to maintain and uphold, keeping up to date with any changes.

Risk 3. Security concerns when users lose control of how their data is protected.

It goes without saying that the most important aspect of the Nuage Technology Cloud experience is our attention to data security. (But we thought we’d tell you anyway!)
The efficiency and cost savings of moving to a Cloud Server are underpinned by a well thought out network and cloud infrastructure design by Nuage Technology’s top Technical wizards!
The system is resilient against virus attack, internal, fire, flood, and physical damage.
Our system and service level agreements covers everything from Cloud Architecture (tailored to the business), Governance and Enterprise risk, Legal and Electronic Discover, Compliance and Audit, Information Lifecycle, Portability, Traditional Security, Data Centre Operations, Incident Response, Application Security, Encryption and Key Management, Identity and Access Management
Some key information on a Nuage Technology Cloud Server:

Data is stored securely at our Manchester Datacentre under a 256bit encryption VPN tunnel, with 100% power uptime.
We use multiple hard drives to store the data protecting from any failures and reducing the possibly of losing data to nil. Back ups are daily
Back ups are local to data centre over multiple layer hardware
Disaster recovery site at different location
Maintenance is proactive
24 hour monitoring of data
Tailored individual staff access
Compressed and encrypted stream data confidentiality without sacrificing performance.
Detailed connection logs/access times if required
Our 3 point back-up system also includes the use of an additional datacentre in North Wales.
The data centre itself boasts 24/7 on site security staff CCTV cameras (both internal and external), motion detection and a key fob access system.

This incredibly secure network can allow staff to work from home or different locations if desired.

Risk 4. One-sided service agreements that give users little redress in the event of a calamity.

Our service agreement offers a 30 day termination policy. The contract itself does not start until a week after migration. We’re are here to help foremost and deliver a service that is both exceptional and customer focussed.

If you wish to see a blank copy of our service agreement please contact Heather at

Risk 5. Lock-in dependency on proprietary cloud applications.

Many applications that you use in your business are already  migrating to the Cloud we safe guard against Lock-in dependency and seek to offer alternative solutions where practical.